Hello my friends hope you find my content use full and handy as well important. My focus is entrepreneurship basics but from time to time I will throw in some do it yourself home care repair information,to product sampling and some social media goodies. So I really hope you find my info handy and please leave me your comments so I can better help us all. You can also send me an email with any question. thanx for visiting please come by again but first read my post:')

Friday, December 23, 2011

Marketing: Basic Strategies 101

                       Well the term itself has been battered around in its industry on different aspects of it, I will focus this blog on the basics of  marketing strategies. My personal definition to the marketing term goes as follows; The activities set forth in conjunction to communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings through a variety of implemented channels that are of value to consumers. I, myself adapted  the term offering as a way to describe an exploited opportunity. Finding ways to get your message across and at the same time focused in on a specific target market consisting of consumers that will mostly be affected and really can use your product or service. The first thing one must do is analyse your current situation and understand the reason for the research. Companies conduct this research for a number of reasons which include, competitive advantage, loss in profits, or to raise sales forecast. What ever your situation may stand, moving forward is the way to go. While most research doesn't come for free its one of the reasons you should really identify why your research is needed. Next are the two most strategies used in the research which include Primary Data Research and Secondary Data Research.
                         Primary Data is all research done yourself through personal or cyber communication. It is information collected for the very first time to fit a specific purpose. This can be done by a variety of ways for example interviews, surveys, observations or focus groups. You may conduct on a 1 on 1, or group meetings even video shot outs(hint socialmedia is a great tool for that).  Secondary Data consist of research that has already been conducted by any means of resources. Examples would be magazines, news papers, books, websites(like census). Secondary Data helps the entrepreneur better conduct his home work by breaking down the population which will consist of your audience. Collecting Primary Data is more time consuming, hard work(at times), and more expensive than collecting Secondary Data. I suggest you do your Secondary Data Research first and check to see if it solves your problems, if possible. You can also as well segment the population into customer profiles that should include Demographics, Psycho graphics, User Data, and Geographic. Demographics include age, marital status, family size, ethnicity, gender, profession, education and income levels. Psycho graphics  include opinions, attitudes, taste, personality, lifestyle, and habits. User data consists of finding out how often a product or service even information is used, needed, or pursued. Geo graphics includes were your customers live and how far they are willing to travel to do business. You wont need a camel in the city now will you? So yes I hope I was of help thanks  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Entrepreneur Basics

                    For the most part living in this downturn era has thought me alot about taking control of my path. It it fair to say that everyone has felt the effects, down along the chain (ows). So here I will hopefully get your attention and give you a few tips on how not to get caught up in these for sure historic times and get you thinking of a solution as an entrepreneur. They say these hard-times are when big entrepreneur icons made their leap. A leap to the unknown by the forces of mankind and were very successful. I image n they had nothing to loose so they really weren't risking anything and failing was better than not trying. The whole OWS thing really had an effect in my decision on taking control of my path. They have my support and yes I think big corporations should some how find a way to give back. But then these protesters get out of hand as I seen in various situations I'd rather not get into b/c that's the whole point of me writing this blog. See there is so much politics involved in this and individuals with endless arguments on whose right, I'm bored of it. So instead of getting caught up in some novel drama I stand to take charge of my current situation and make something of myself and for myself. That way I depend on myself and not worry about were my next dollar will come from. This sad economic situation is like the perfect season for an entrepreneur on a question-able cash flow. This is were one can really shine and make a difference by changing the current situation in creating jobs our people really need. As entrepreneurs we must learn to make decisions and this is the hardest decision yet and will be one to either make you or break you. The question of what will I start, how will I start it, whats legal whats not, can be haunting. But please my friends don't stop there keep thinking and keep trying and soon you will see how, were there's a will there's a way. My best suggestions for you would be to start by doing a feasibility analysis and a S.W.O.T analysis as well. These analysis will give you a better glance to see if your idea has a shot or if it just sounded good in your head. They will also tell you your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can affect you as a business.These two basic steps will give you the information you will greatly desire before taking the guts and taking that leap. If your idea looks feasible and your ready to move to the next stage I suggest websites like score.org or the sba.gov and find yourself a business coach or a mentoring business coach. These organizations are equipped with some of the best resources you will need and with staff that will be more than willing to make sure you will be successful in every way they can.  With that said you should be ready to make your true decision on wether you want to sit and cry about something or do something about it. Good-luck on your ventures and I wish you all nothing but the best...     cheers...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Successful entrepreneurial tips

          As a true hardrcore entrepreneur follower I've came across and read many articles on many different publications for instance magazines, newspaper, and the new way of course #socialmedia on what a entrepreneur mindset consist of. I can truly say that my philosophy of what a real entrepreneur is and what their unique genes consist of is true.  I will as well tell you the difference between a business man and an entrepreneur. Before I get started I would just like to add that by the time you stop reading this blog you will be an expert on spelling entrepreneur, for I will use it a lot:')
          The entrepreneur mind set is compose of a very clever brain function-ability to multitask in various fields, while trying to stay sane with excitement. I have blogged before on the question whether an entrepreneur was born with this (these is the genes part) or if one could embrace that mindset, and from my own words here I go. Yes I find that most really successful entrepreneurs were born this way, reason being is that most started out with shoe string budgets that projected to millons and started out in the early ages of their lives and never looked back. A good example is Sir Richard Branson who turned a record business into an enterprise and started with a loan from his aunt. But like many and I say many others that are not as fortunate to be born with a skill we learn and and study a subject that interest us. With positives attitudes and with patience all things fall in their place. What I'm saying is just like individuals take singing classes to get better the same thing goes with the entrepreneur mindset practice makes perfection and eventually it becomes like a blanket embraced with confidence.
          The special distinct mindset on an entrepreneur is what I will base my tips on. First tip of all and I think is the most important one to me is the passion (again from your genes), you must have a passion in you like no other, and suggest you start your ventures on things you love to do. There's never nothing better than getting paid for what you love doing and who in their sober brain would have a problem with that. I would think it would be the greatest reward ever, to yourself. I think of it like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory mmm. Or it can be some thing from your childhood that you really miss, I think that childhood memories will be a new venture start up success. Second tip an entrepreneur must be persistent with a lot of patience. They must be great decision makers with the ability to improvise along the way and if for some reason gets rejected keep knocking. I've been told that out of ten, one has to say yes, glad to say it's true I tried it when asking women to dance:'). My point here is to make you understand that not all individuals you contact are going to like what ever it is the way you do. So you must be persistence and keep moving on to the next one and never give up on yourself. Believe in yourself and remember if you don't no one else will. My third tip is that an entrepreneur needs to fully comprehend and em beg the true definition of the word "calculated risk". This goes back to decision making the entrepreneur must fully comprehend what is at stake when unpredictable situations occur that consist of major shifts in plans with quick resolve-ment. Let me tell you my friend if your not cut for decision making your in the wrong business. My forth tip is the entrepreneur must be creative they must be able to identify opportunities and execution crossroads(opportunity meets execution point). They rely on instinct with calculated risk its almost like hitting the jackpot but more reachable. They think outside of the box and see opportunities were others don't even realize the pot of success is right under their nose. Having a creative mind is a big plus and believe me if you dont think your  creative your wrong. We all have are uniqueness and that is one thing no one can ever take away from you. Search google for creative mind thinking ideas and you will get endless searches. Well those are some of my tips on an entrepreneur mind set for now I have more to say but that will be till next time cheers...     

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paying it forward!!!

     Tweet for a while then move on to Linked in, then its google+, social media  this routine is very exciting to me. But wait is all this going to be worth it in the end. I guess its all in me whether I have the persistence and the knowledge to take the information to another level. I've been trying to land a job on the internet doing something I can enjoy and hopefully like. But its not as easy as I thought, guess when they say you have to give a little to gain a little its so very true. Looking for a job has been  so difficult for me especially since my experience has been in construction and we know were the construction arena has ended, up in smoke, at least in the U.S. I'm a really great guy and I know I can be a great asset to any company. I'm a great listener and self motivated individual, i have a great positive attitude and personality with great customer skills I'm also bilingual English and Spanish. I'm also a good problem solver and can adjust to almost any change. I went to a temp agency and was quickly let down by all the applications the recruiter had on his desk he must of had over 200 applications just sitting there then I went to another temp agency and that recruiter had the same apps they both looked at me and said yeah just call in. So tired of being unemployed I feel guilty of receiving unemployment for so long but were can I turn, what made things worse for me today is that I read an article saying the housing section fell lower and unemployment did the same. Can some one help me in directing me to a website were I can better my situation were I can make some serious money and help my economy instead of making it worse. I don't mean to sound desperate but I have a mortgage to pay bills are pilling up and stress is kicking in and I'm looking for some one to extend their hand and help a fellow misplaced worker in times of need. Like I mentioned earlier when one helps another out, the world seems to conspire in their side and they come out with more to gain than if they just turn their cheek the other way. So yeah if #anyone can help me out or just give me some tips of any website that you know of or that you have tried and they worked for you it would be really and greatly appreciated so much, its like paying it forward you help me out I help the next person and down the road you will be rewarded as well. I have and I'm in an entrepreneurial mindset who knows some day I might be able to pay you back. But for the moment I have to find another way to have income coming in, anything will be greatly appreciated.  Thanx you so much for reading this post cheersssss.......  remember every great entrepreneur has had their lowest point and I think that's were I find myself in this very moment......

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crucial resources

      As I sit hear browsing and surfing the web I get more excited for I truly believe opportunities are endless when you find ways to think creatively. For instance I'm about to embark myself on a business venture and by reading and thinking creatively I have found ways to expose myself towards my target area customer wise. That's right I will start on a business venture as I am in the process of doing research as I write. I will take my readers through a step by step venture that I find very interesting and can all be done through crucial resources. What I mean when I say crucial resources I refer to opportunities I react on and other individuals should learn to do the same. Whether it be from a word of mouth or through experience one should learn to think creative and find ways to take advantages of opportunities, take the leap and take your chances with calculated risk. Resources are going to be the main artery to my business I must learn to fit all my ideas so they can all come together in a knot and make sense. I must admit that its hard to take the first leap but I will implement a plan to move forward and keep my readers intact with my forth coming. As I move forward with my instincts I must say that there is a budget problem. So I must also be creative and find ways to get the best bang for my buck and give you tips and ideas on how to go about that and what methods I use and move forward on. Since I under stood about resources I got a better understanding of how it works as well how I can make them work for me and my company. I will not go by the books by writing a business plan for now but if it is needed in the near future due to company growth, guess what I will resource that as well. See I'm going with a gut instinct that has no major overhead, my quote will be work less earn more. By thinking creative with regards to resources I came to a conclusion on how to reinvent a wheel that has very high potential with no major overhead. Creative thinking and exposure  will play a big role in the star up face. I already have a lot in mind so I will take it slow for now. So I invite you to join me and at times I might ask for some help or even ask for opinion I hope you will follow. Take care for now till next time, Cheers..     

Ambitions as an entrepreneur...

      Here we go once again, today is two dollar tuesday and its about 11:05 pm I should be out at the bar but here I am trying to improve my skills. As far as I can remember I never could have imagined myself writing a blog never the less exploring my other side of the brain, you know the one they say we never use. I was brought up by very unique loving parents, never was there violence other than a few arguments but never nothing major. So often i ask myself what happen to me why did I ever decide to follow the route that now to me makes no sense. But I know one thing is for sure if I could ever turn back time I would not think twice and direct my navigation system to a four year college out of high school (yeah right back in those days we only had pagers haha but you know what i mean). Yeah If I could give one piece of advice to high school graduates that would be my best advice ever. I go to a junior college now and its exiting to me I feel like Im in elementary all over again but regret not going straight out of high school. I hate the fact that I feel so far behind, behind in the way of knowledge, but ever since childhood i have always been behind It takes me more time to figure life out than most people.
      See not until a couple months ago it seems as if my other side of the brain came out of  coma, the half I  was using seemed was in a state of incubation with no destination what so ever. I mean my mind was set on a life style that I could say was a waist of time and truly regret. But now see life in a whole different perception there is a whole different world other than the one I was stuck in. I found the word Entrepreneur and it seem to have a great influence in my life. I had never heard of that word not even in high school and I must say it would not be a bad idea if high schools would make that a class requirement for graduation. Yes the word entrepreneur has had a big impact in my life, its thought me to think out of the box, also all opportunities there is an a trepneur. There are endless possibilities as an entrepreneur and I have learned alot just by discovering that word. My ambitions  an entrepreneur is to acquire the capabilities of starting as many successful ventures as possible through creative and innovative ways with a whole lot of persistence. Maybe one day I can break the record for the most business ventures, which by the way sir Richard Branson probably holds. But yeah some times life is not fair to most of us and sadly we learn the hard way. So listen up high school students dont be dumb an go straight to a four year college get a career because four years of your life when your that young is nothing plus ask any college graduates how fun college can be given you have a good smart head on your shoulders. My thing now to going  to a big university would be to teach an entrepreneur ship course that would be like my grammy in a different way, who said different was a bad thing. My thing now is that I now know what it is I want to achieve in life and that would be success and the word entrepreneur gave me a road to follow I guess it was all meant to be. I cheer for the word entrepreneur and embrace it in all aspects of my life. Now I just have to take advantage of it and steer my life in the right direction and innovate myself to a prosperous future. One must learn to explore, expand and find ways to use their brains to the fullest of their extent. Learn also to break out of their shell and come to realize there are opportunities to be explored you might some day get the U.S. out of their debt problems. I know its a long shot but those are ways for entrepreneurs to think and reach for stars never thought possible with passion and persistence anything and everything is possible. Thanks so much for tuning in till next time, Cheers.                         

Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow your Instincts

     They say and I can confirm that to be #success as an entrepreneur you have to be happy in a way that you are satisfied 101% and at times it isn't even for the money. But lets face reality what human being in their right state of mind would not love to get for what they love doing. Well then I guess that's were passion comes in play, when passion and opportunity cross paths one must learn to take initiative reactions. I remember back in the late 1980's when I used to live in the city of Watts, Ca every Saturday morning I was up exactly at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. For that's when the newly, new world wrestling federation (the famous wwf ) would broadcast their new and exciting wrestling matches. I remember I could not wait for the next Saturday to come around and hated when it was over. Come on OMG when wrestlemania came around I would dream of one day being there in the stands but at times was scared, thinking I could faint from the excitement #justsaying. I remember the energy that stood out in one of my favorite wrestlers who went by the name of "the ultimate warrior" OMG he was to me like someone I can still look up to with all that energy he would spark. He would come out the locker room running to the ring and  he would grab the  rope and shake it as if he would want to tear the whole ring apart #goodtimes, Then you had "hulk hogan" the hulkster he was another one of my favorites but then again I think back in his primes every body and they moma loved him. Those are some of my favorites memories that I truly believe put a smile on my face to this date.So what ever it is that you love to do or that in some way means really some thing to you seize the opportunity and take charge and get your creative juices flowing.  My point being here is that those memories being something that in a way are sentimental for me could at times be connected as a passion of mine. So a way for me to make it work for me, i would have to be creative in finding ways to monetize that opportunity. Examples would be to maybe make merchandise shirts, posters, even compiling good and most famous wrestling matches that we remember from back in the day. My point i'm trying to get across is that with creativity one can go along way, one must have the willingness to see opportunities were others never thought possible thinking out side the box. Follow your instincts, I tell you my friend with calculated risk and common sense you never know, one might become the next big thing but never seen it coming. Thats how great entrepreneurs are made they follow their instincts and take advantage of when opportunities and passion come across their creative minds. So yes many times opportunities come and go and its up to us to find creative resolutions to our excitements. Thank you for reading this post I hoped you enjoyed it and please leave a comment. Cheers...
      my tip: want to know a great place to look for your next creative business name leave me a comment and email address and I will let you know and how to go about it...being creative 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Leader Role

      As the main entrepreneur in your venture one must thrive to take the leader role. Now there are two leader roles that I myself stick too, one is the visionary leader and then you have the implement leader, which I will go into further details on each shortly. Its always a good thing to consider how much of each role to take in as your strongest  points and leave some weak points to outsourcing. As a leader you must understand that it is very difficult to take on all the responsibilities, duties, and structure of starting a business venture. So as a leader one must have the abilities to be creative in common sense spread out and reach to outsourcing in specific tasks of your taking off that you might not really have experience in. Like every journey in life one must know were their destination is, if not how will they know when they have arrived. People don't plan to fail but instead fail because of a lack of a back up plan with no direction. The leader must know when to pull over, make a right turn or put the petal to the metal.
      The visionary leader is one who pictures were they want their company to be at in the near future. But  some might never see themselves reach it because along the way, one might have to modify their intentions time after time as situations change. The visionary leader must be able to predict road bumps along the way and know how to deal with change. It is their duty to come up with creative thinking on moving the company ahead before hand.   A vision is not really necessary but I myself recommend a vision for every venture as it will guide you along the way and plus you have a more or less knowledge in what direction you are heading and most of all you can see your accomplishments and redirect courses if necessarily. Everyone's visions will be different in many ways so you really have to understand your core values, what it is that your company stands for in example integrity, honesty, etc. Whether it is helping someone else to the fullest in your areas of expertise or it be great customer service. One must have a true understanding and know how you will or are better than your competition, why should I buy from you? What  separates you from the rest in a favorable way. Your core values can be plural the more the better but if you think twice about one, then it may not be a good idea to stand by it. Its also not a good idea for your core values to consists of profits.
      The implementable leader is one who gets a thrill about moving forward they take the steps early in the venture to get things moving. They come with a really positive attitude and they are always in go position. Whether it is resourcing information to comprehensively coming up with pricing. They are the calculated risk takers and know exactly were to go next, they waste no time and know how to get their missions across the board. This individuals come with excitement as well, which makes their team believers in them and make the team get pumped up as well. Its never a good idea to be over confident but with calculated steps and a little common sense they may take their ventures were they never thought possible or find endless opportunities. So I myself try an have a little of both types of leaders in me for I know it will make me wiser in the long run but I also know not to have a mister know it all ego which might in the end sink your ship. Thanx for tuning in once again and I hope you will leave a comment please... Cheers                  

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Passionista

     Entrepreneurs are the future of our economy as I've heard many top articles inform the world. In my own opinion I really believe entrepreneurs have always lead the way of innovation which creates opportunities  and have always created a good percentage of our countries employment. But how do this individuals you may ask come across this distinctive and ingenious ideas? You don't need a lot of  resources or experience you need passion, that fire in the belly that doesn't let one sleep at night plus persistence. I like to call this people Passionistas this individuals for the most part are looked as risk takers and gut following, creative minded, opportunistic creatures.This passionistas are the driving force of their own ingenious and creative minds and come equipped with experience and knowledge. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, taste etc. The one thing they all share is the passion and persistence. They look at things in a whole different perspective they see opportunity and a way to innovate their current situations while other see it how it is "plain" in other words not creative. Entrepreneurship involves challenge, persistence, and planning. Although there seen as risk takers they take calculated risk, they asses their options and choose their course based on their probability of success. Dealing with change through innovation is one of the important things passionistas do best. They get a rush of it because they know that with change comes opportunity, and opportunities are for the most part the reason to think about engraving that entrepreneurial state of mind. So entrepreneurship consist of  creativity, innovation, change, and most importantly PASSION. Dont need to worry or get all hysterical about failure for entrepreneurs measure their success through failure they understand that the other part of success is failure. Which in reality every environment in the aspect of business has its ups and downs and knowing how to make the best of every situation makes the entrepreneur stronger in all of their weaknesses and love experience through failure. If you fall seven times one must learn to get up eight times. Attributes also come into effect when it comes to entrepreneurs but not to worry if you don't think they are not in you for they will fit into your journey along the way.  Here are most attributes that come with an entrepreneur mind: resourceful, purposeful, focused, risk-taking, problem solver, sales oriented, visionary, optimistic, leader, ambitious, innovative, adaptable, self-motivated, strategic, determined, curious, balanced, healthy and of course you have your casual dreamer. I will end this by saying that if whenever you feel moments impacting your destiny, you really need to seize the opportunity and know that with failure and persistence comes success. CHEERS...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fundamentals to an entrepreneur venture

     As we journey through our ventures as entrepreneurs eventually we get to a point were we can identify ourselves as to what type we fit in. There are different types of entrepreneurs and its best if we know in what directions  we want to navigate. For instance there is the home-based entrepreneur who can easily run their business from anywhere in the world just by going on line. Then there is the virtual entrepreneur who runs a store but has no physical address and does it all in cyberspace. The serial entrepreneur is one that many would like to be, this individuals jump from opportunity to opportunity leaving the day to day business running task to some one else. Then we have your traditional entrepreneur which is one who, before technology changed the way we do business, ran a regular physical store and were recognized for their specialty. But no matter which one you decide on endeavoring one thing is for sure they all share the same fundamentals throughout their ventures.
     The fundamentals to an entrepreneur venture should be clarified before take off and i will go through mine with you and give you a little history on each one. My first one I like to call the Passion-ista which I don't think is even a word, its the entrepreneur themselves, the driving force, the one who makes it all come together. Who come equipped with passion, experience, education, skills, and a net work of people with knowledge to get business going. Then we have our suppliers who provide inventory or raw materials for our products or services  and even help with providing assistance in lines of credit to get started. We then have our competitors who can give us a more or less idea of what chances one has in surviving in a specific enviroment and or niche which we call market research of business, they also have a great effect on how one will  price their services an or merchandise. Our customers is next, the ones that pays us of course, and we need them to survive for they are the livelihood of every business because with out customers businesses would not  exist. Customers should be tailored and taken care of good in return they will send referrals your way and that's a big plus. The best thing is to put yourself in the customers shoes, even asking how you can make your service better towards them counts a lot.  The law is also a key fundamental, for every business is affected by the law to some degree, so make sure you get all the facts on starting a business in your state, country, etc. In today's world you cant ignore that technology is a great fundamental as well for there are endless possibilities on line and you can do business anywhere in the world and interact with individuals you never thought possible connections connections connections . Last but not least is money, money can be an enabler or on the other hand other ventures are driven by money were research and development are costly but not to worry i'm sure if you have done your calculations right you know were your needs are as far as money.  Well this are my fundamentals on starting an entrepreneur venture I really hope you found them informative. One thing I would like to add and you will probably read this in my blogs a lot is that I like to tell people to do what you love find the thing you do the best your strongest link that which makes you and separates you from the rest. Ambition is the fuel that can lead you to life changing prosperous events. cheers...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To be or not to be!!!

Greetings and thank you all for tuning in. hello my name is Fernando and this is my first blog. Well as this is my first blog and I'm so nervous (even though i'm in front of my laptop) I will start by defining the word entrepreneur. I've read alot of publishing's on what it is to be an entrepreneur, many had 2 or even 3 definitions. They've define them from owning a business to having a particular view of the world as far as innovation and technology.
 To me entrepreneurs come in a variety of unique and amazing types and styles. Who, while in their ventures create a buzz and disrupt the field in which they are involved. But for the most part this blog is about to be or not to be. What I mean by that is, can an entrepreneur be born that way or can they engrave that mentality along the way. For example you love a family member differently than you would love a significant other. My point being with a family member you loved them since you knew love and a significant other you engraved them in your life with permission. You see many have come to the conclusion that entrepreneurs were born with it in their genes and some of that might be true. But my theory is this you don't reinvent the wheel you just want to make it run smoother, turning lemons into lemonade is the name of the game. So what ever it is your embarking in give it your best do what others cant, and that is do yourself. Everyone is unique and creative in their own world and cant nobody take that from you. An entrepreneur is an individual who creates opportunity in the field of business and gathers the resources required to successfully exploit it, money, employees, investors etc. I say entrepreneurs are both born with it and some embrace that mentality along the way. But one thing is for sure an entrepreneur must have passion in what it is there doing and must have persistence. Love what you do and you will become the next entrepreneur who will be very successful. The best advice comes from one of my favorite entrepreneurs of all sir Richard Branson. Make your customers happy in what ever it is you are offering form services to products become customer orientated. Surround yourself with positive and intellectual individuals. Last but not least no how and were to market yourself. With that said I want to thank you so much for reading my first blog. CHEERS and good luck. Please comment.