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Monday, November 28, 2011

Entrepreneur Basics

                    For the most part living in this downturn era has thought me alot about taking control of my path. It it fair to say that everyone has felt the effects, down along the chain (ows). So here I will hopefully get your attention and give you a few tips on how not to get caught up in these for sure historic times and get you thinking of a solution as an entrepreneur. They say these hard-times are when big entrepreneur icons made their leap. A leap to the unknown by the forces of mankind and were very successful. I image n they had nothing to loose so they really weren't risking anything and failing was better than not trying. The whole OWS thing really had an effect in my decision on taking control of my path. They have my support and yes I think big corporations should some how find a way to give back. But then these protesters get out of hand as I seen in various situations I'd rather not get into b/c that's the whole point of me writing this blog. See there is so much politics involved in this and individuals with endless arguments on whose right, I'm bored of it. So instead of getting caught up in some novel drama I stand to take charge of my current situation and make something of myself and for myself. That way I depend on myself and not worry about were my next dollar will come from. This sad economic situation is like the perfect season for an entrepreneur on a question-able cash flow. This is were one can really shine and make a difference by changing the current situation in creating jobs our people really need. As entrepreneurs we must learn to make decisions and this is the hardest decision yet and will be one to either make you or break you. The question of what will I start, how will I start it, whats legal whats not, can be haunting. But please my friends don't stop there keep thinking and keep trying and soon you will see how, were there's a will there's a way. My best suggestions for you would be to start by doing a feasibility analysis and a S.W.O.T analysis as well. These analysis will give you a better glance to see if your idea has a shot or if it just sounded good in your head. They will also tell you your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can affect you as a business.These two basic steps will give you the information you will greatly desire before taking the guts and taking that leap. If your idea looks feasible and your ready to move to the next stage I suggest websites like score.org or the sba.gov and find yourself a business coach or a mentoring business coach. These organizations are equipped with some of the best resources you will need and with staff that will be more than willing to make sure you will be successful in every way they can.  With that said you should be ready to make your true decision on wether you want to sit and cry about something or do something about it. Good-luck on your ventures and I wish you all nothing but the best...     cheers...