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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Wells Fargo

                 Dear Wells Fargo,
                                    My name is Fernando Olaiz  I'm writing this in hopes that someone with a common sense of mind can read it and understand my frustration. Well to make the long story short I was told that Wells Fargo is the investor on my mortgage loan, that being said I recently applied for help through Keep Your Home California which is a government program backed by 2 billion dollars in funds, reason being is that I have been going through hardship times as I was unemployed but now I'm employed. So I have been going through the process of faxing documents, asking for documents (records) from different institutions which by the way has been very stressful and took some time. So today I get a call from KYHC telling me that I did not qualify because my service provider did not participate in a Principle Reduction Program Modification and I was like WTF why could you not tell me that from the beginning its like all the effort and time I put in to it and for what? I don't understand how some big institution like yourselves not participate in a program like this, it doesn't take a genius to understand that's its a win, win situation. This program helps me out and it helps you out as well I'm just so frustrated that I had to go to all the stress of gathering information, seeking out information that to me at some point made no sense just to get turned down from something that makes no sense to me. If you read this letter I would hope that if the wrong department gets it Please forward it to the right department and find a way to help me out for I am trying to keep my home. If I don't save my home I will loose out and so will you. Keep Your Home California is putting up $50,000 to $100,000 dollars but yet you would rather get nothing? I have already qualified they just said my servicer did not participate in a program like this, then I found out it wasn't my servicer it was my investor which is you. So that being said it makes no sense to me that you would rather loose money than to make some money???      But I'm really guessing is that a big whale lie you does not give a damn about a tadpole like me... I have been really trying to get of hold of some one in person but have had no luck and felt helpless so I was forced to be heard in some way or the other I really wish you can consider contacting me. Thank you so very much... PS Struggling home owner...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Entrepreneur born or self made, Both

                        I've been researching and reading many many articles on entrepreneurship and the #1 question I see and read alot is " Are entrepreneurs born or can it be taught"? My answer to that is short and simple, yes they are both born and selfmade. Let me elavorate on my answer, yes most successful entrepreneurs were born simply because of how our brains are wired and family genes, if their parents were entrepreneurs themselves then well of course theirs a much greater chance their sibblins will follow in the same route. But like I've been told and I will tell you and maybe you can tell others 'You Can Be Whatever You Put Your Mind Into'.  It's like musicians some were born singers since they were small and others followed a dream like American Idol. Just like some took singing lessons you too can go to college and study entrepreneurship or give your business idea a try. Believe me if you dont try something that seems good you dont want that feeling of regret when someone else beats you to the punch, and you wil be like hey I thought of that too. Or how some actors as well were actors from the git go others took acting lessons and became famous we can take courses and if thats what we really want we will too be successful. So yes its really a no brainer, it all comes down to what your heart desires if you really want something you will fight to achieve it no matter the obstacles an the key is not to give up if something is not working for you try another route. Believe me theres always another way to do things we just have to take a detour at times (obstacles) take a break and look at situations or problems from different perspectives. We all know Jennifer Lopez I remember seeing her first as a dancer on the show "In Living Color" from there she became a singer, actor and now she does America Idol. My point is that I'm not sure if thats were she wanted to get but just that little break as a dancer made her successful. See us as entrepreneurs need to find ways to make it work for us no matter what situations we find ourselves in. I've always felt like I have the worst luck ever like I must of broken a thousand mirrors but now I know that I have to make my own luck and not let the world decide for me. So I tell you my freinds dont let nothing or anyone tell you different, like the army says Be All You Can Be. Without a struggle there is no reason to claim victory so go create your own luck, Goodluck, Peace, and Harmony... #LetsDoThis...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buying A Home 101

   Hello friends Fernando here once again hoping to help you purchase that home of your dreams without feeling #clueless... Well they say buying your first home is the biggest expense you will ever make, I'm hoping to help you out in making it a little less stress full. I will give you advice as well as tips and things to look for while looking for that special soon to be sweet home.
   Before you go out and start looking for a property, I first advice you to take a good look at your finances and how you  plan on paying for the property. I suggest you go to a financial institution and get Pre-Qualified, there they will let you know what you can afford according to your financial status. They will evaluate how much money comes in to your home and how much goes out which is how much you and say your spouse make a month and how much you owe (bills) out of what ever comes in, Gross - (minus) Expenses. The next thing to consider is what amenities or attributes you are looking for.How much living square footage do you need and the total square feet of all the property. For example how  much living space does your family need, how many rooms do you need, how many bathrooms, 1 or 2 car garage, a big yard or none at all stuff of that nature. Also be aware of the surroundings like the neighborhood, is it close to a freeway, close to a school, how about shopping strips, public transportation.Trust me if you don't have cash to pay for your new house and smart people wont pay cash either you want to go get Pre-Qualified. Reason being is that you don't want to fall in love with a property and come to find out you don't qualify and some one else beats you to the punch not a good feeling. If you get Pre-Qualified you have a better idea of which homes to consider or look at and the process is done much faster.

   Things to consider when evaluating your property of choice.
*Physical Attributes  (single or two story)                    *Time House on Market
*Existing Financing  (how much is owed on it)            *How Long Seller Owned House
*Asking Price                                                                 *Why is Owner Selling
*Sellers-Assisted Financing (carry back available)

   What to Look Out for on the Inside:
*Floors *Walls *Windows (open and close them) *Light Fixtures *Trim *Breaker Boxes *Type of Heat *Cupboards *Counter tops *Flush Toilets *Water Pressure (turn on all faucets in the house make sure pressure is not weak) *Storage Areas *Carpeting *Wallpaper *Quick Fixes
*Water Heater *Stair Conditions *Bathtub/Vanities *Door Conditions *Water Damage and or Leaks *Closets *Sinks *Cracks on Walls or Floors *Fire Place *Plumbing(water drains) *Insects(ants, roaches, mice, termites, etc. Ask if any Appliances are included and check to see if they work.

   What to Look Out for on the Outside:
*Roof *Windows *Doors *Trim *Garage *Chimney *Yard *Well *Septic Tank (typical if out in the country side) *Sprinkler System *Driveway *Porch *Fencing *Steps *Light Fixtures  *Landscaping *Huge Trees close to home can become a problem *Cracks on Foundation Inside and Outside. *Swimming Pools (if pool does'nt have a gate around it your insurance might be high) *If it has a garage door open and close it, making sure it's working properly.

   Other factors to keep in mind:
*Liens (Ask if there are any liens you should be aware of)
*Back Payments (Ask if there are up to date on payments)
*Back Taxes (Ask if any back taxes are owed)
*Closing Cost  (Ask who is to pay closing cost most do a half and half)
*Estimated Costs to Sell
*Fix-Up Maintenance
*Real Estate Taxes (Ask if their up to date on property taxes) <==== A Must

  Also a few things to consider would be the neighborhood, what are the rent rates, is transportation available (bus routes, train routes etc), how far away are the schools for your children, are there more renters than owner ocuppied, were are the freeways, are there airports near by (noise can become a problem), how about shopping?

 I Hope I was helpful GOODLUCK!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Car Buying Checklist

1. Check miles and compare by the year of the car the average is 15k miles a year on a high estimate. Example if the car is a 2005 then times 15,000 by 7 = 105000 again on a high estimate.
2. Check the vin (vehicle indentification number)  number its on the driver side on top of the dashboard were the dashboard meets the windshield and check that they match the registration.
3. Check registration make sure its up to date.
4. Check for oil leaks on floor while parked before you take it on a test drive check for oil on top or around motor.
5. Check tires to for weird patterns in baldness make sure their all wore out the same or more or less the same.
6. Make sure it doesn't shake at a stop sign or red lights.
7. Check features like warning lights on dash board work, like the low oil warning, low water warning, and even the check engine light.
8. While driving make sure the gauges work like the gas gauge, the oil pressure gauge and the speedometer.
9. Make sure car runs straight and gears change accordingly.
9. Check a/c and heater work.
10. Check all power features work  like the power windows, power seats, cruise control, lights signal lights, high lights etc.
11. Check water level, motor oil level, transmission oil, and all others fluids make sure their clean and if its low on any fluids ask why.
12. Check it out psychically check for broken windows and or dents.
13. Check for noises when turning it on and while driving.
                      Questions to ask:
1. Why is it for sale?
2. Is it salvaged?
3. Is any money owed on it to a financial institution?
4. Ask for the pink slip? If they aint got it some thing is wrong they might owe money on it.
5. Ask if it will pass smog? Or when was the last time it passed smog?
6. Ask for most recent repair receipts if available.

Monday, February 20, 2012

#freebie realestate how to repair...

                  My repair kit comes with drywall piece of 1 foot by 1 foot is the biggest piece i will mail remember this is more convinient for small jobs but i will mail more than a couple pieces of 1by1 if needed, it also comes with the backing which is a piece of hard wood, it comes with screws which you can screw in with a screwdriver you dont neccesarly  need a drill, it comes with the mesh tape, it comes with some 20 minute mud, powder mixed with water please iwant to WARN you mix water slowly dont put too much water at a time i will send enough for two batches and depending on the size i will give you a ratio customized... the rest is up to you dpending on the finished texture contact me and i will glady help you out... thanks for looking have a great day...  to better accomodate you feel free to give feedback, a closed mouth wont get fed...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Marketing: Basic Strategies 101

                       Well the term itself has been battered around in its industry on different aspects of it, I will focus this blog on the basics of  marketing strategies. My personal definition to the marketing term goes as follows; The activities set forth in conjunction to communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings through a variety of implemented channels that are of value to consumers. I, myself adapted  the term offering as a way to describe an exploited opportunity. Finding ways to get your message across and at the same time focused in on a specific target market consisting of consumers that will mostly be affected and really can use your product or service. The first thing one must do is analyse your current situation and understand the reason for the research. Companies conduct this research for a number of reasons which include, competitive advantage, loss in profits, or to raise sales forecast. What ever your situation may stand, moving forward is the way to go. While most research doesn't come for free its one of the reasons you should really identify why your research is needed. Next are the two most strategies used in the research which include Primary Data Research and Secondary Data Research.
                         Primary Data is all research done yourself through personal or cyber communication. It is information collected for the very first time to fit a specific purpose. This can be done by a variety of ways for example interviews, surveys, observations or focus groups. You may conduct on a 1 on 1, or group meetings even video shot outs(hint socialmedia is a great tool for that).  Secondary Data consist of research that has already been conducted by any means of resources. Examples would be magazines, news papers, books, websites(like census). Secondary Data helps the entrepreneur better conduct his home work by breaking down the population which will consist of your audience. Collecting Primary Data is more time consuming, hard work(at times), and more expensive than collecting Secondary Data. I suggest you do your Secondary Data Research first and check to see if it solves your problems, if possible. You can also as well segment the population into customer profiles that should include Demographics, Psycho graphics, User Data, and Geographic. Demographics include age, marital status, family size, ethnicity, gender, profession, education and income levels. Psycho graphics  include opinions, attitudes, taste, personality, lifestyle, and habits. User data consists of finding out how often a product or service even information is used, needed, or pursued. Geo graphics includes were your customers live and how far they are willing to travel to do business. You wont need a camel in the city now will you? So yes I hope I was of help thanks  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Entrepreneur Basics

                    For the most part living in this downturn era has thought me alot about taking control of my path. It it fair to say that everyone has felt the effects, down along the chain (ows). So here I will hopefully get your attention and give you a few tips on how not to get caught up in these for sure historic times and get you thinking of a solution as an entrepreneur. They say these hard-times are when big entrepreneur icons made their leap. A leap to the unknown by the forces of mankind and were very successful. I image n they had nothing to loose so they really weren't risking anything and failing was better than not trying. The whole OWS thing really had an effect in my decision on taking control of my path. They have my support and yes I think big corporations should some how find a way to give back. But then these protesters get out of hand as I seen in various situations I'd rather not get into b/c that's the whole point of me writing this blog. See there is so much politics involved in this and individuals with endless arguments on whose right, I'm bored of it. So instead of getting caught up in some novel drama I stand to take charge of my current situation and make something of myself and for myself. That way I depend on myself and not worry about were my next dollar will come from. This sad economic situation is like the perfect season for an entrepreneur on a question-able cash flow. This is were one can really shine and make a difference by changing the current situation in creating jobs our people really need. As entrepreneurs we must learn to make decisions and this is the hardest decision yet and will be one to either make you or break you. The question of what will I start, how will I start it, whats legal whats not, can be haunting. But please my friends don't stop there keep thinking and keep trying and soon you will see how, were there's a will there's a way. My best suggestions for you would be to start by doing a feasibility analysis and a S.W.O.T analysis as well. These analysis will give you a better glance to see if your idea has a shot or if it just sounded good in your head. They will also tell you your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can affect you as a business.These two basic steps will give you the information you will greatly desire before taking the guts and taking that leap. If your idea looks feasible and your ready to move to the next stage I suggest websites like score.org or the sba.gov and find yourself a business coach or a mentoring business coach. These organizations are equipped with some of the best resources you will need and with staff that will be more than willing to make sure you will be successful in every way they can.  With that said you should be ready to make your true decision on wether you want to sit and cry about something or do something about it. Good-luck on your ventures and I wish you all nothing but the best...     cheers...