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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Wells Fargo

                 Dear Wells Fargo,
                                    My name is Fernando Olaiz  I'm writing this in hopes that someone with a common sense of mind can read it and understand my frustration. Well to make the long story short I was told that Wells Fargo is the investor on my mortgage loan, that being said I recently applied for help through Keep Your Home California which is a government program backed by 2 billion dollars in funds, reason being is that I have been going through hardship times as I was unemployed but now I'm employed. So I have been going through the process of faxing documents, asking for documents (records) from different institutions which by the way has been very stressful and took some time. So today I get a call from KYHC telling me that I did not qualify because my service provider did not participate in a Principle Reduction Program Modification and I was like WTF why could you not tell me that from the beginning its like all the effort and time I put in to it and for what? I don't understand how some big institution like yourselves not participate in a program like this, it doesn't take a genius to understand that's its a win, win situation. This program helps me out and it helps you out as well I'm just so frustrated that I had to go to all the stress of gathering information, seeking out information that to me at some point made no sense just to get turned down from something that makes no sense to me. If you read this letter I would hope that if the wrong department gets it Please forward it to the right department and find a way to help me out for I am trying to keep my home. If I don't save my home I will loose out and so will you. Keep Your Home California is putting up $50,000 to $100,000 dollars but yet you would rather get nothing? I have already qualified they just said my servicer did not participate in a program like this, then I found out it wasn't my servicer it was my investor which is you. So that being said it makes no sense to me that you would rather loose money than to make some money???      But I'm really guessing is that a big whale lie you does not give a damn about a tadpole like me... I have been really trying to get of hold of some one in person but have had no luck and felt helpless so I was forced to be heard in some way or the other I really wish you can consider contacting me. Thank you so very much... PS Struggling home owner...

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