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Friday, May 18, 2012

Entrepreneur born or self made, Both

                        I've been researching and reading many many articles on entrepreneurship and the #1 question I see and read alot is " Are entrepreneurs born or can it be taught"? My answer to that is short and simple, yes they are both born and selfmade. Let me elavorate on my answer, yes most successful entrepreneurs were born simply because of how our brains are wired and family genes, if their parents were entrepreneurs themselves then well of course theirs a much greater chance their sibblins will follow in the same route. But like I've been told and I will tell you and maybe you can tell others 'You Can Be Whatever You Put Your Mind Into'.  It's like musicians some were born singers since they were small and others followed a dream like American Idol. Just like some took singing lessons you too can go to college and study entrepreneurship or give your business idea a try. Believe me if you dont try something that seems good you dont want that feeling of regret when someone else beats you to the punch, and you wil be like hey I thought of that too. Or how some actors as well were actors from the git go others took acting lessons and became famous we can take courses and if thats what we really want we will too be successful. So yes its really a no brainer, it all comes down to what your heart desires if you really want something you will fight to achieve it no matter the obstacles an the key is not to give up if something is not working for you try another route. Believe me theres always another way to do things we just have to take a detour at times (obstacles) take a break and look at situations or problems from different perspectives. We all know Jennifer Lopez I remember seeing her first as a dancer on the show "In Living Color" from there she became a singer, actor and now she does America Idol. My point is that I'm not sure if thats were she wanted to get but just that little break as a dancer made her successful. See us as entrepreneurs need to find ways to make it work for us no matter what situations we find ourselves in. I've always felt like I have the worst luck ever like I must of broken a thousand mirrors but now I know that I have to make my own luck and not let the world decide for me. So I tell you my freinds dont let nothing or anyone tell you different, like the army says Be All You Can Be. Without a struggle there is no reason to claim victory so go create your own luck, Goodluck, Peace, and Harmony... #LetsDoThis...

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