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Monday, February 20, 2012

#freebie realestate how to repair...

                  My repair kit comes with drywall piece of 1 foot by 1 foot is the biggest piece i will mail remember this is more convinient for small jobs but i will mail more than a couple pieces of 1by1 if needed, it also comes with the backing which is a piece of hard wood, it comes with screws which you can screw in with a screwdriver you dont neccesarly  need a drill, it comes with the mesh tape, it comes with some 20 minute mud, powder mixed with water please iwant to WARN you mix water slowly dont put too much water at a time i will send enough for two batches and depending on the size i will give you a ratio customized... the rest is up to you dpending on the finished texture contact me and i will glady help you out... thanks for looking have a great day...  to better accomodate you feel free to give feedback, a closed mouth wont get fed...

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