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Monday, April 2, 2012

Car Buying Checklist

1. Check miles and compare by the year of the car the average is 15k miles a year on a high estimate. Example if the car is a 2005 then times 15,000 by 7 = 105000 again on a high estimate.
2. Check the vin (vehicle indentification number)  number its on the driver side on top of the dashboard were the dashboard meets the windshield and check that they match the registration.
3. Check registration make sure its up to date.
4. Check for oil leaks on floor while parked before you take it on a test drive check for oil on top or around motor.
5. Check tires to for weird patterns in baldness make sure their all wore out the same or more or less the same.
6. Make sure it doesn't shake at a stop sign or red lights.
7. Check features like warning lights on dash board work, like the low oil warning, low water warning, and even the check engine light.
8. While driving make sure the gauges work like the gas gauge, the oil pressure gauge and the speedometer.
9. Make sure car runs straight and gears change accordingly.
9. Check a/c and heater work.
10. Check all power features work  like the power windows, power seats, cruise control, lights signal lights, high lights etc.
11. Check water level, motor oil level, transmission oil, and all others fluids make sure their clean and if its low on any fluids ask why.
12. Check it out psychically check for broken windows and or dents.
13. Check for noises when turning it on and while driving.
                      Questions to ask:
1. Why is it for sale?
2. Is it salvaged?
3. Is any money owed on it to a financial institution?
4. Ask for the pink slip? If they aint got it some thing is wrong they might owe money on it.
5. Ask if it will pass smog? Or when was the last time it passed smog?
6. Ask for most recent repair receipts if available.

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