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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Passionista

     Entrepreneurs are the future of our economy as I've heard many top articles inform the world. In my own opinion I really believe entrepreneurs have always lead the way of innovation which creates opportunities  and have always created a good percentage of our countries employment. But how do this individuals you may ask come across this distinctive and ingenious ideas? You don't need a lot of  resources or experience you need passion, that fire in the belly that doesn't let one sleep at night plus persistence. I like to call this people Passionistas this individuals for the most part are looked as risk takers and gut following, creative minded, opportunistic creatures.This passionistas are the driving force of their own ingenious and creative minds and come equipped with experience and knowledge. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, taste etc. The one thing they all share is the passion and persistence. They look at things in a whole different perspective they see opportunity and a way to innovate their current situations while other see it how it is "plain" in other words not creative. Entrepreneurship involves challenge, persistence, and planning. Although there seen as risk takers they take calculated risk, they asses their options and choose their course based on their probability of success. Dealing with change through innovation is one of the important things passionistas do best. They get a rush of it because they know that with change comes opportunity, and opportunities are for the most part the reason to think about engraving that entrepreneurial state of mind. So entrepreneurship consist of  creativity, innovation, change, and most importantly PASSION. Dont need to worry or get all hysterical about failure for entrepreneurs measure their success through failure they understand that the other part of success is failure. Which in reality every environment in the aspect of business has its ups and downs and knowing how to make the best of every situation makes the entrepreneur stronger in all of their weaknesses and love experience through failure. If you fall seven times one must learn to get up eight times. Attributes also come into effect when it comes to entrepreneurs but not to worry if you don't think they are not in you for they will fit into your journey along the way.  Here are most attributes that come with an entrepreneur mind: resourceful, purposeful, focused, risk-taking, problem solver, sales oriented, visionary, optimistic, leader, ambitious, innovative, adaptable, self-motivated, strategic, determined, curious, balanced, healthy and of course you have your casual dreamer. I will end this by saying that if whenever you feel moments impacting your destiny, you really need to seize the opportunity and know that with failure and persistence comes success. CHEERS...

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