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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Leader Role

      As the main entrepreneur in your venture one must thrive to take the leader role. Now there are two leader roles that I myself stick too, one is the visionary leader and then you have the implement leader, which I will go into further details on each shortly. Its always a good thing to consider how much of each role to take in as your strongest  points and leave some weak points to outsourcing. As a leader you must understand that it is very difficult to take on all the responsibilities, duties, and structure of starting a business venture. So as a leader one must have the abilities to be creative in common sense spread out and reach to outsourcing in specific tasks of your taking off that you might not really have experience in. Like every journey in life one must know were their destination is, if not how will they know when they have arrived. People don't plan to fail but instead fail because of a lack of a back up plan with no direction. The leader must know when to pull over, make a right turn or put the petal to the metal.
      The visionary leader is one who pictures were they want their company to be at in the near future. But  some might never see themselves reach it because along the way, one might have to modify their intentions time after time as situations change. The visionary leader must be able to predict road bumps along the way and know how to deal with change. It is their duty to come up with creative thinking on moving the company ahead before hand.   A vision is not really necessary but I myself recommend a vision for every venture as it will guide you along the way and plus you have a more or less knowledge in what direction you are heading and most of all you can see your accomplishments and redirect courses if necessarily. Everyone's visions will be different in many ways so you really have to understand your core values, what it is that your company stands for in example integrity, honesty, etc. Whether it is helping someone else to the fullest in your areas of expertise or it be great customer service. One must have a true understanding and know how you will or are better than your competition, why should I buy from you? What  separates you from the rest in a favorable way. Your core values can be plural the more the better but if you think twice about one, then it may not be a good idea to stand by it. Its also not a good idea for your core values to consists of profits.
      The implementable leader is one who gets a thrill about moving forward they take the steps early in the venture to get things moving. They come with a really positive attitude and they are always in go position. Whether it is resourcing information to comprehensively coming up with pricing. They are the calculated risk takers and know exactly were to go next, they waste no time and know how to get their missions across the board. This individuals come with excitement as well, which makes their team believers in them and make the team get pumped up as well. Its never a good idea to be over confident but with calculated steps and a little common sense they may take their ventures were they never thought possible or find endless opportunities. So I myself try an have a little of both types of leaders in me for I know it will make me wiser in the long run but I also know not to have a mister know it all ego which might in the end sink your ship. Thanx for tuning in once again and I hope you will leave a comment please... Cheers                  

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