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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paying it forward!!!

     Tweet for a while then move on to Linked in, then its google+, social media  this routine is very exciting to me. But wait is all this going to be worth it in the end. I guess its all in me whether I have the persistence and the knowledge to take the information to another level. I've been trying to land a job on the internet doing something I can enjoy and hopefully like. But its not as easy as I thought, guess when they say you have to give a little to gain a little its so very true. Looking for a job has been  so difficult for me especially since my experience has been in construction and we know were the construction arena has ended, up in smoke, at least in the U.S. I'm a really great guy and I know I can be a great asset to any company. I'm a great listener and self motivated individual, i have a great positive attitude and personality with great customer skills I'm also bilingual English and Spanish. I'm also a good problem solver and can adjust to almost any change. I went to a temp agency and was quickly let down by all the applications the recruiter had on his desk he must of had over 200 applications just sitting there then I went to another temp agency and that recruiter had the same apps they both looked at me and said yeah just call in. So tired of being unemployed I feel guilty of receiving unemployment for so long but were can I turn, what made things worse for me today is that I read an article saying the housing section fell lower and unemployment did the same. Can some one help me in directing me to a website were I can better my situation were I can make some serious money and help my economy instead of making it worse. I don't mean to sound desperate but I have a mortgage to pay bills are pilling up and stress is kicking in and I'm looking for some one to extend their hand and help a fellow misplaced worker in times of need. Like I mentioned earlier when one helps another out, the world seems to conspire in their side and they come out with more to gain than if they just turn their cheek the other way. So yeah if #anyone can help me out or just give me some tips of any website that you know of or that you have tried and they worked for you it would be really and greatly appreciated so much, its like paying it forward you help me out I help the next person and down the road you will be rewarded as well. I have and I'm in an entrepreneurial mindset who knows some day I might be able to pay you back. But for the moment I have to find another way to have income coming in, anything will be greatly appreciated.  Thanx you so much for reading this post cheersssss.......  remember every great entrepreneur has had their lowest point and I think that's were I find myself in this very moment......

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