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Friday, September 9, 2011

Successful entrepreneurial tips

          As a true hardrcore entrepreneur follower I've came across and read many articles on many different publications for instance magazines, newspaper, and the new way of course #socialmedia on what a entrepreneur mindset consist of. I can truly say that my philosophy of what a real entrepreneur is and what their unique genes consist of is true.  I will as well tell you the difference between a business man and an entrepreneur. Before I get started I would just like to add that by the time you stop reading this blog you will be an expert on spelling entrepreneur, for I will use it a lot:')
          The entrepreneur mind set is compose of a very clever brain function-ability to multitask in various fields, while trying to stay sane with excitement. I have blogged before on the question whether an entrepreneur was born with this (these is the genes part) or if one could embrace that mindset, and from my own words here I go. Yes I find that most really successful entrepreneurs were born this way, reason being is that most started out with shoe string budgets that projected to millons and started out in the early ages of their lives and never looked back. A good example is Sir Richard Branson who turned a record business into an enterprise and started with a loan from his aunt. But like many and I say many others that are not as fortunate to be born with a skill we learn and and study a subject that interest us. With positives attitudes and with patience all things fall in their place. What I'm saying is just like individuals take singing classes to get better the same thing goes with the entrepreneur mindset practice makes perfection and eventually it becomes like a blanket embraced with confidence.
          The special distinct mindset on an entrepreneur is what I will base my tips on. First tip of all and I think is the most important one to me is the passion (again from your genes), you must have a passion in you like no other, and suggest you start your ventures on things you love to do. There's never nothing better than getting paid for what you love doing and who in their sober brain would have a problem with that. I would think it would be the greatest reward ever, to yourself. I think of it like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory mmm. Or it can be some thing from your childhood that you really miss, I think that childhood memories will be a new venture start up success. Second tip an entrepreneur must be persistent with a lot of patience. They must be great decision makers with the ability to improvise along the way and if for some reason gets rejected keep knocking. I've been told that out of ten, one has to say yes, glad to say it's true I tried it when asking women to dance:'). My point here is to make you understand that not all individuals you contact are going to like what ever it is the way you do. So you must be persistence and keep moving on to the next one and never give up on yourself. Believe in yourself and remember if you don't no one else will. My third tip is that an entrepreneur needs to fully comprehend and em beg the true definition of the word "calculated risk". This goes back to decision making the entrepreneur must fully comprehend what is at stake when unpredictable situations occur that consist of major shifts in plans with quick resolve-ment. Let me tell you my friend if your not cut for decision making your in the wrong business. My forth tip is the entrepreneur must be creative they must be able to identify opportunities and execution crossroads(opportunity meets execution point). They rely on instinct with calculated risk its almost like hitting the jackpot but more reachable. They think outside of the box and see opportunities were others don't even realize the pot of success is right under their nose. Having a creative mind is a big plus and believe me if you dont think your  creative your wrong. We all have are uniqueness and that is one thing no one can ever take away from you. Search google for creative mind thinking ideas and you will get endless searches. Well those are some of my tips on an entrepreneur mind set for now I have more to say but that will be till next time cheers...     

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