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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ambitions as an entrepreneur...

      Here we go once again, today is two dollar tuesday and its about 11:05 pm I should be out at the bar but here I am trying to improve my skills. As far as I can remember I never could have imagined myself writing a blog never the less exploring my other side of the brain, you know the one they say we never use. I was brought up by very unique loving parents, never was there violence other than a few arguments but never nothing major. So often i ask myself what happen to me why did I ever decide to follow the route that now to me makes no sense. But I know one thing is for sure if I could ever turn back time I would not think twice and direct my navigation system to a four year college out of high school (yeah right back in those days we only had pagers haha but you know what i mean). Yeah If I could give one piece of advice to high school graduates that would be my best advice ever. I go to a junior college now and its exiting to me I feel like Im in elementary all over again but regret not going straight out of high school. I hate the fact that I feel so far behind, behind in the way of knowledge, but ever since childhood i have always been behind It takes me more time to figure life out than most people.
      See not until a couple months ago it seems as if my other side of the brain came out of  coma, the half I  was using seemed was in a state of incubation with no destination what so ever. I mean my mind was set on a life style that I could say was a waist of time and truly regret. But now see life in a whole different perception there is a whole different world other than the one I was stuck in. I found the word Entrepreneur and it seem to have a great influence in my life. I had never heard of that word not even in high school and I must say it would not be a bad idea if high schools would make that a class requirement for graduation. Yes the word entrepreneur has had a big impact in my life, its thought me to think out of the box, also all opportunities there is an a trepneur. There are endless possibilities as an entrepreneur and I have learned alot just by discovering that word. My ambitions  an entrepreneur is to acquire the capabilities of starting as many successful ventures as possible through creative and innovative ways with a whole lot of persistence. Maybe one day I can break the record for the most business ventures, which by the way sir Richard Branson probably holds. But yeah some times life is not fair to most of us and sadly we learn the hard way. So listen up high school students dont be dumb an go straight to a four year college get a career because four years of your life when your that young is nothing plus ask any college graduates how fun college can be given you have a good smart head on your shoulders. My thing now to going  to a big university would be to teach an entrepreneur ship course that would be like my grammy in a different way, who said different was a bad thing. My thing now is that I now know what it is I want to achieve in life and that would be success and the word entrepreneur gave me a road to follow I guess it was all meant to be. I cheer for the word entrepreneur and embrace it in all aspects of my life. Now I just have to take advantage of it and steer my life in the right direction and innovate myself to a prosperous future. One must learn to explore, expand and find ways to use their brains to the fullest of their extent. Learn also to break out of their shell and come to realize there are opportunities to be explored you might some day get the U.S. out of their debt problems. I know its a long shot but those are ways for entrepreneurs to think and reach for stars never thought possible with passion and persistence anything and everything is possible. Thanks so much for tuning in till next time, Cheers.                         

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