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Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow your Instincts

     They say and I can confirm that to be #success as an entrepreneur you have to be happy in a way that you are satisfied 101% and at times it isn't even for the money. But lets face reality what human being in their right state of mind would not love to get for what they love doing. Well then I guess that's were passion comes in play, when passion and opportunity cross paths one must learn to take initiative reactions. I remember back in the late 1980's when I used to live in the city of Watts, Ca every Saturday morning I was up exactly at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. For that's when the newly, new world wrestling federation (the famous wwf ) would broadcast their new and exciting wrestling matches. I remember I could not wait for the next Saturday to come around and hated when it was over. Come on OMG when wrestlemania came around I would dream of one day being there in the stands but at times was scared, thinking I could faint from the excitement #justsaying. I remember the energy that stood out in one of my favorite wrestlers who went by the name of "the ultimate warrior" OMG he was to me like someone I can still look up to with all that energy he would spark. He would come out the locker room running to the ring and  he would grab the  rope and shake it as if he would want to tear the whole ring apart #goodtimes, Then you had "hulk hogan" the hulkster he was another one of my favorites but then again I think back in his primes every body and they moma loved him. Those are some of my favorites memories that I truly believe put a smile on my face to this date.So what ever it is that you love to do or that in some way means really some thing to you seize the opportunity and take charge and get your creative juices flowing.  My point being here is that those memories being something that in a way are sentimental for me could at times be connected as a passion of mine. So a way for me to make it work for me, i would have to be creative in finding ways to monetize that opportunity. Examples would be to maybe make merchandise shirts, posters, even compiling good and most famous wrestling matches that we remember from back in the day. My point i'm trying to get across is that with creativity one can go along way, one must have the willingness to see opportunities were others never thought possible thinking out side the box. Follow your instincts, I tell you my friend with calculated risk and common sense you never know, one might become the next big thing but never seen it coming. Thats how great entrepreneurs are made they follow their instincts and take advantage of when opportunities and passion come across their creative minds. So yes many times opportunities come and go and its up to us to find creative resolutions to our excitements. Thank you for reading this post I hoped you enjoyed it and please leave a comment. Cheers...
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