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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fundamentals to an entrepreneur venture

     As we journey through our ventures as entrepreneurs eventually we get to a point were we can identify ourselves as to what type we fit in. There are different types of entrepreneurs and its best if we know in what directions  we want to navigate. For instance there is the home-based entrepreneur who can easily run their business from anywhere in the world just by going on line. Then there is the virtual entrepreneur who runs a store but has no physical address and does it all in cyberspace. The serial entrepreneur is one that many would like to be, this individuals jump from opportunity to opportunity leaving the day to day business running task to some one else. Then we have your traditional entrepreneur which is one who, before technology changed the way we do business, ran a regular physical store and were recognized for their specialty. But no matter which one you decide on endeavoring one thing is for sure they all share the same fundamentals throughout their ventures.
     The fundamentals to an entrepreneur venture should be clarified before take off and i will go through mine with you and give you a little history on each one. My first one I like to call the Passion-ista which I don't think is even a word, its the entrepreneur themselves, the driving force, the one who makes it all come together. Who come equipped with passion, experience, education, skills, and a net work of people with knowledge to get business going. Then we have our suppliers who provide inventory or raw materials for our products or services  and even help with providing assistance in lines of credit to get started. We then have our competitors who can give us a more or less idea of what chances one has in surviving in a specific enviroment and or niche which we call market research of business, they also have a great effect on how one will  price their services an or merchandise. Our customers is next, the ones that pays us of course, and we need them to survive for they are the livelihood of every business because with out customers businesses would not  exist. Customers should be tailored and taken care of good in return they will send referrals your way and that's a big plus. The best thing is to put yourself in the customers shoes, even asking how you can make your service better towards them counts a lot.  The law is also a key fundamental, for every business is affected by the law to some degree, so make sure you get all the facts on starting a business in your state, country, etc. In today's world you cant ignore that technology is a great fundamental as well for there are endless possibilities on line and you can do business anywhere in the world and interact with individuals you never thought possible connections connections connections . Last but not least is money, money can be an enabler or on the other hand other ventures are driven by money were research and development are costly but not to worry i'm sure if you have done your calculations right you know were your needs are as far as money.  Well this are my fundamentals on starting an entrepreneur venture I really hope you found them informative. One thing I would like to add and you will probably read this in my blogs a lot is that I like to tell people to do what you love find the thing you do the best your strongest link that which makes you and separates you from the rest. Ambition is the fuel that can lead you to life changing prosperous events. cheers...

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