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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To be or not to be!!!

Greetings and thank you all for tuning in. hello my name is Fernando and this is my first blog. Well as this is my first blog and I'm so nervous (even though i'm in front of my laptop) I will start by defining the word entrepreneur. I've read alot of publishing's on what it is to be an entrepreneur, many had 2 or even 3 definitions. They've define them from owning a business to having a particular view of the world as far as innovation and technology.
 To me entrepreneurs come in a variety of unique and amazing types and styles. Who, while in their ventures create a buzz and disrupt the field in which they are involved. But for the most part this blog is about to be or not to be. What I mean by that is, can an entrepreneur be born that way or can they engrave that mentality along the way. For example you love a family member differently than you would love a significant other. My point being with a family member you loved them since you knew love and a significant other you engraved them in your life with permission. You see many have come to the conclusion that entrepreneurs were born with it in their genes and some of that might be true. But my theory is this you don't reinvent the wheel you just want to make it run smoother, turning lemons into lemonade is the name of the game. So what ever it is your embarking in give it your best do what others cant, and that is do yourself. Everyone is unique and creative in their own world and cant nobody take that from you. An entrepreneur is an individual who creates opportunity in the field of business and gathers the resources required to successfully exploit it, money, employees, investors etc. I say entrepreneurs are both born with it and some embrace that mentality along the way. But one thing is for sure an entrepreneur must have passion in what it is there doing and must have persistence. Love what you do and you will become the next entrepreneur who will be very successful. The best advice comes from one of my favorite entrepreneurs of all sir Richard Branson. Make your customers happy in what ever it is you are offering form services to products become customer orientated. Surround yourself with positive and intellectual individuals. Last but not least no how and were to market yourself. With that said I want to thank you so much for reading my first blog. CHEERS and good luck. Please comment.

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